Can openers, cookie sheets, and procrastination

Today I SHOULD be working on paying bills and getting our finances in order, but I am stalling. I really just don't want to deal with them this morning. I really just don't. I must but I am giving myself stalling time. When I was in college one of my best friends named me the "Queen of Procrastination" because I would procrastinate all the time. (I did graduate with Honors though so it wasn't all bad! )

Anyhow, over the weekend I returned two of the Christmas gifts that I received...a toaster oven and a popcorn popper (both from my in-laws, even though my hubby told them NOT to get me any kitchen appliances...sigh....). Anyway with the money ($84) that I received from the return I bought myself .....

  • a new cookie sheet ----I use our pampered chef pizza stone to bake most of my breads, rolls, etc on. But I do use my cookie sheet when I make cookies. My current cookie sheet must have lost it's non-stick coating or something because the last 3 batches of cookies that I baked on it burnt and stuck to the pan horribly. Now I have a new one! :)
  • a new can opener. Since we moved in here 6 months ago, we have gone through at least 5 manual can openers. They just stop working right. I have bought the expensive ones ($12) and the dollar store ones. I don't understand. So I broke down and bought an electric one (that was only $6). I HATE electric can openers, but if it works I will deal with it.
  • 2 new bras---- I ordered these online. I haven't bought new bras in over a year and I need them.
I still have about $25 of the money left. I am thinking I might save it and buy a new nightgown or something with it. I am not sure yet though. I know I SHOULD use it toward debt repayment, but I NEVER buy myself anything and am being selfish. I hope that isn't a bad thing.

I should go and work on our finances. I have bills to pay, a savings account to close at our current bank, open a new savings account with ING, change bank info with ebay and paypal, etc. I would rather procrastinate though! ;)

 One of the ways that I procrastinate is by finding new interesting blogs to read. I recently started joining blog hops and have found many new blogs that are my new "must" reads. Today I am joining in on another blog hop....come join in the fun with me.

Thank you to: My Mad Mind and This Little Family for co-hosting this Tuesday's Train! :)



  1. Hahaha! I know about Procrastination TOO well! I also de great with my college courses- but stay stressed because I procratinate!

    Did you get my other comment about those coupons?

  2. @Brooke Anna---Yes I did! THank you so much for that. I hadn't gotten around to looking at yet this month, but I did get those printed last night. Thanks! Have a great day!

  3. If you are the Queen of Procrastination, then I am renaming myself the Goddess! LOL

    You're a very good shopper, if you bought all of those things and still had $25 left over! Well done

    Following you from the Tuesday Train, and glad I did!

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    check it out to accept it!

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