31 day exercise challenge: Day 12---the Wii Fit is my friend

I love the fact that I can exercise and catch up on the shows that I have on the dvr. I don't have many favorite shows, but it seems like the shows that I do like to watch come on at the wrong time for me to watch them. For example, I love the show 19 Kids and Counting, however it comes on at 9:00 pm. This mom is putting Jacob to bed at 9pm and trying to get Rebecca in the bath so she can be in bed around 9:30. So the fact that we have the dvr is great.

I love the fact that the Wii Fit Plus  has exercises that I can do while I catch up on these shows. The activity that I like to do the most while watching my shows is the aerobic free step game. I set it up for 30 minutes and then I start it and go from there. I am able to then switch it back to the tv and watch my shows while I exercise.

Tonight I did 30 minutes on the aerobic free step game and caught up on the latest episode of

So for day 12 of my 31 day exercise challenge I met my goal.

I also made a decision today: If I meet my goal I am going to pre-order this off of Amazon.com:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nicholas Sparks' books and I own a copy of all that he has released. He is one author that I re-read over and over.

In other news, I am also beginning to formulate my August challenge....it is going to have to do with a diet overhaul...look for more news coming closer to August 1.

How are you doing in the exercise department?? Are you surprised I have lasted 12 days??


  1. Good Luck Rachel!
    I want to check out a Wii Fit when we save the money for it... unless I can win one before!
    Have you checked out the Dukan diet? I was talking with my Aunt about it the other day, and I just saw it on your Amazon.com widget over to the right! I will be checking it out.


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