31 Day Exercise Challenge: Day 6--Richard Simmons and tanktops

I think I have this exercise thing figured out. I think I have figured out that during the summer at least, while it is HOT upstairs in our house (the main floor has a/c, but due to an older hot water style heating system no place for vents upstairs) I will be exercising at night and then showering and then going to bed. I hope that the shower cools me off....

So that is what I have done. I DID exercise tonight. I was able to FINISH the Richard Simmons' DVD but it was hard. I was sweating and it did get my heart rate up so I think for me it is a GREAT workout!

Now off the subject of exercising:

 I have been thinking the last couple days that Rebecca needed some more tank tops. She only has a couple and it has been HOT here lately. I was also thinking that I would like to get Jacob another tank top outfit. I was wondering how we were going to afford to buy these things, since I have not been working and our checking account balance is really, really low.

Well, prayers were answered. I received a HUGE box of clothes from a family friend that was filled with clothes for Rebecca, including 6 tank tops and 10 pairs of underwear that are the perfect size for Rebecca! There was also short sleeve shirts, pants, rain boots, a coat, and night shirts as well! Then we went to my in-laws house for the Fourth of July and they bought each child a new outfit. A tank top and short outfit for Jacob and a tank top, shorts, and flip flop outfit for Rebecca. I am truly blessed!

I hope everyone is having a great day!  


  1. Our bank account is really, really low? At what point were you going to break this news to your faithful husband?


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