31 Day Exercise Challenge: Day 3

Today was one of those days where I just never really fell into a rhythm doing anything and that made me mad and I was just annoyed. Do you ever have those days??

Well today I just kind of did nothing this morning....then Bill went to work and after I got the kids lunch and put Jacob down for his nap, I decided that I needed to get some things done. So I decided to exercise. This is how I knew I was in a mood, because I put the Leslie Sansone walk DVD in that I did in day 1 and day 2 and her voice was ANNOYING to me today. I did the first 5 minutes and just could not concentrate other than to think that she was ANNOYING me!

But I didn't give up...instead I went to my DVD shelf and pulled out an oldie but goodie that I had gotten 2 or 3 years ago and never used. Can you believe that I actually wanted to work out to Richard Simmons?? LOL

I did. I decided that I would do this and see how the workout was....Let me tell you...it was HARD!!! This DVD includes 11 songs and I made it through 8 of them. I was so tired after the 8th song that I had to stop. I can't believe it gave me such a workout. It is funny actually because I feel like I worked harder than I had in a long time. I exercised for 35 minutes on this DVD...so I did get my at least 20 minutes in. So I would call day 3 a success.

On another note, I have also been on a cooking/baking spree lately. Today I baked 8 loaves of Irish bread, made up 3 bags of marinated chicken for the freezer, and shredded and froze 8 zucchinis. Between stirring the dough for the bread (which is really thick and hard to stir) and shredding the zucchini, I think my arms got extra work in today as well! :)

Well I am off to do some menu planning for the week. I will share what we are eating tomorrow!

Did you get your exercise in today?


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