31 Day Exercise Challenge: Days 9 and 10

Yes I did exercise yesterday. No I did not blog about it. I was way too tired last night.

But I did exercise. I didn't do 20 minutes continuous, but I did more than 20 minutes total. I walked around Walmart carrying a sleeping Jacob for at least 20 minutes or more. And let me tell you my shoulders are sore from carrying him; he is HEAVY! And I made sure to do the stairs here at least 5 or 6 times. I also walked a lot yesterday morning. So even though it wasn't to a dvd, I feel I did do at least 20 minutes of extra exercise that I normally didn't do.

Today, I worked out on the Wii Fit for about 45 minutes (I think it was 43 minutes). I did the free ride biking game, the hula hoop game and the advanced step game. It was fun!

On another note, I think I am PMSing or something, because I have been snapping at Bill and the kids, and I have been STARVING all day and wanting CHOCOLATE and SWEETS!!!! Not a good thing, but a definite sign of PMS. Ugghhh....

But looking at the bright side, I am still on track for my exercise challenge! Yay! Go Me!


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