31 day exercise challenge: days 15, 16 and 17

So I have gotten behind....on blogging...NOT on exercising! :) I have been exercising (rather unconventionally) the last 3 days but I just haven't had a chance to blog about it...until now....

Day 15.... I did about 1.5 hours playing on Wii Sports. I love the arm workout that I got playing tennis and bowling. I think I finally figured out how to do the tennis one!

Day 16.... Well this was mine and Dear Hubby's 6th Wedding Anniversary....Bill had to work in the morning but we were able to spend a lot of the afternoon together.

First, we took the kids to my parents' house and they watched them so Bill and I could have some alone time. Then we went for an early dinner...at Roosters. (I know not the most romantic place, but it is more our style.) After some yummy wings, we went Bowling for 2 HOURS!! (This is where the exercise comes in). I will admit that I got my butt beat, and I have the bets to pay off (more on that for Day 17) but it was fun and great exercise for my arms (particularly for my right arm!) (Also it was cheap, as I got the Groupon that was offered a couple weeks ago for  $15 for 2 hours of bowling and shoe rental for 2 people). After that we went to Dairy Queen for blizzards (and again, I saved money here by using a BOGO Blizzard coupon from facebook). All in all it was a fun, great anniversary!

Day 17.... Sunday it was going to be HOT, HOT, HOT...and I had a debt to repay.

When Bill and I were bowling we made some bets. Needless to say I lost the big one, so I now have to :
  • mow the lawn the next 2 weeks
  • go see Captain America with Bill
  • sometime in the next month, I have to take Bill and the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. (I HATE that place. It is annoying and loud and I just DO NOT LIKE it...)
So this is where the exercise comes in...I spent 45 minutes or so mowing our lawn, raking up hedge trimmings and SWEATING a ton. (Did I mention it was HOT!).

I also did 4 loads of laundry (taking laundry up and down 2 flights of steps). I also cleaned, decluttered and organized Rebecca's bedroom and took some shelves into another room.

Overall it was a very busy day with lots of movement and sweating.

So the last 3 days has not been conventional exercise, but sometimes even the unconventional counts! :)

So I am still on track....

How are you doing?


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