Wednesday's to-do list--UPDATED

I seem to have no energy today. However, I have a LOT of little things that I want to get done, that I have been putting on the back burner. Well as I was blog hopping this morning, I came across a post by Mysti over at Digging Out From Our Mess, who was challenging herself to a "Just Do It" day.

What is a "Just do it" day...well it is a day where you challenge yourself to do some things that you have put off for various reasons and that are bugging you....I know I have several things that I have been putting off, but not anymore. Today is MY "Just do it" day!

So on my to-do list today is:
  • Mop the kitchen, dining room, and living room floor---Update: DONE
  • Put my household journal together (has been sitting unfinished since we moved over a month ago)---UPDATE: DONE
  • balance checkbook against last 2 bank statements---UPDATE: Done
  • Write blog review post for book that I finished 3 weeks ago---UPDATE: Done
  • clean off the desk area that is to the right of the computer---UPDATE: Done
  • clean off shelf to the left of the computer area---UPDATE: Done
  • Write a letter to collections agency, including proof that the bill has been paid in full--UPDATE: Not done, need to find the address
So there you have it...that is my list for today. What is on your list?


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