31 Day Exercise challenge: Days 19 and 20

Is is HOT, HOT, HOT where you are? It is here. We are seeing temperatures upwards of 97 degrees with heat indexes close to 110 or so. That makes it HOT! So hot that tonight we are sleeping in our living room, since the first floor has a/c and the upstairs does not.

But even with the kiddos getting to bed on the mattress on the floor and in the pack n play, I STILL managed to exercise tonight.

But first let's back up to last  night...day 19....I did exercise. I warmed up with some tennis on the Wii and then did some Wii Fit exercises. Overall I exercised for 37 minutes! Yay!

Tonight, I put the kids into their makeshift beds, then I turned the lights off and turned the Wii on. I did 47 minutes on it! Yahoo! I am still going strong.

One thing I am not doing strong on is my eating habits...I am planning my challenge for August and I am 99.9% sure it is going to have to do with eliminating junk food from my diet....(more on that later)

Well I am off to bed. I hope that if it is hot where you are, you are able to stay cool! :)


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