31 Day Exercise Challenge: Day 7

Today was a lazy kind of day. Not really good, not really bad. Jacob has been cranky all day long. And I have been depressed. I am thinking that it is because of my diet. But I am reluctant to change my diet now as I am trying to get into the habit of exercising for this month. And I am trying to not change too much at once so that I fail....maybe my challenge for August will involve my diet....

Back to the challenge at hand though....

Today was Day 7.

I did exercise today.

 I did the 3 mile walk on the Leslie Sansone: Walk Off 10 Pounds  DVD. I do okay through the first mile, but by 2.75 miles I am sweating and feeling it.

I will say this it is a good workout to start with though and it does get your heart rate up. It lasts about 40 minutes or so total including warm up and cool-down.

I cannot believe I have exercised for 7 days in a row. It feels REALLY GOOD to have accomplished that! And I feel good after I exercise. So it is win-win!

How are you doing on your challenge?


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