31 Day Exercise Challenge: Day 13--using housework

Today I had a to-do list that I wanted needed to get done. It was a bunch of little-ish type projects that I had been putting off.

One of the things that I had on my list was to mop the living room, dining room, kitchen, mud room and downstairs bathroom.

Tonight I decided to use this housework as part of my 20 minutes of exercise today. Believe me, I worked up a sweat. Between scrubbing parts of the floor on my hands and knees, to just mopping all the floors (the entire house is either linoleum or hardwood floors), I am tired. It took me 22 minutes to do all of the floor on the first floor. The floor needed mopped badly. Since my lovely, handsome son loves to throw his milk cups and his food when he is done or he does not want it anymore, there was definitely a great need to have it mopped well. (Truth be told, I could probably mop it daily...).

So I decided that that would be part of my exercise, and so that I didn't feel so guilty about using this non-traditional means of exercise, I also did 50 crunches. By the time I got to 50, I was EXHAUSTED.

So was it traditional exercise? No. Did it give me a workout? Yes! So, in my mind that counts!

And as a bonus, I have a nice clean floor... well at least until the morning, when the kids get up! :-)


  1. I cleaned house day-before-yesterday. WHEW! I was a tired lady when I finished. Mopped, cleaned toys up, cleaned bedrooms, folded LOADS of clothes, dishes, swept, dusted.... needless to say... I slept well that night.


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