31 Day Exercise Challenge: Day 5

I almost didn't exercise today....almost being the key word there. I have had a busy day...

Took Rebecca, Jacob and my brother Josh to a friends house this morning for a play date. I did walk there (about .25 mile one way) and back, so that was good. Then I skipped having McDonald's for lunch and instead had a banana and some Irish bread that I made. Then I went to a meat packing plant with my mom and sister that also has a store associated with it. I am trying to find a place to buy meat cheaper than Kroger. My mom, knowing that we had almost no money in our account, bought us some hamburger patties, ribs, a pork roast and some smiley potatoes for the kids! Thanks Mom!! :)

After coming home, I had to clean up the house and start laundry and get dinner together. As soon as the dinner dishes were done, my phone rang and it was a friend wanting to know if my hubby was available to go play softball on her hubbies team as they needed some more players or they would have to forfeit. So we packed the kids up and went and watched Bill play. It was a lot of fun. By the time we got home, I gave the kids a bath and in bed by 10 and I thought I was too tired to exercise....but....then I knew I would be mad at myself if I didn't. So I decided to do 30 minutes of the Free Step game on the Wii Fit and watch my dvr'ed episode of 19 Kids and Counting! I love that show!

So all in all I did exercise so my challenge is still on!!! Yay! Go Me!!

How are you doing in your exercise challenge?


  1. My exercise challenge is nil. I KNOW what I need to do, it's just... blech... Great job on pushing through. I have a SUPER mental block right not when it comes to a healthy life-style. IDK what is going on. PS- I LOVE 19 kids and counting. Our local library had the 17 kids and counting and I've watched most if not all of them. I still checked it out though. Have a wonderful day... I haven't been commenting lately :( Wanted to pop in for the day!

  2. Thanks Brooke Anna---I HAVE NOT been able to comment lately. Silly blogger :( Hope you have found some motivation!


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