31 Day Exercise Challenge: Day 8---SO MAD RIGHT NOW

Before you read any further....I DID exercise today. That is NOT what I am mad about.

Today, I exercised on the Wii Fit, doing the Free Step game, but adding my own weights to it. It was a workout and I did it for 30 minutes. I also watched Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition that I had on our dvr.

That was the good thing.

Now on to the bad thing. The BAD thing that made me SO MAD!!!!! I cannot tell you how mad I am at myself right now. I am so ANGRY at myself.

What made me so mad, you might ask?

Well, I weighed myself on the Wii tonight. I hadn't weighed myself on the Wii since May 1. I have been weighing in the last 2 weeks on my scale in the bathroom and I knew that I had gained some weight. Well, let's just say that the Wii has a way of awakening you to the seriousness of the issue and to the overall weight that you have gained or lost since the last time you weighed in....

So in May I weighed in. Tonight I weighed in again. 2 months later.....

I GAINED 13.4 lbs!!!!! IN 2 MONTHS!!!! That is SO AWFUL!!!!!!

I am so mad at myself. Why did I let myself go?

Do I know how I gained the weight?

Yes I do.

I have been eating a lot of snacky stuff and eating a lot of cookies, ice cream, etc. during the move and after the move. I have gotten away from eating well and exercising. I have been a slob.

No wonder I have been feeling so poorly.

Well, TONIGHT THAT BEHAVIOR AND THOSE EATING HABITS STOP!!!!!! I am so tired of feeling like this and I need to have it change. I think about my kids and my relationship with my husband and I can see how it is affecting them negatively.

I WILL lose the weight that I have gained and I will take responsibility for where I have gotten myself. Now I WILL take responsibility for taking it off.


  1. I think this is something you need to hear:

    Our daughter weighed herself yesterday. She's gained 8 pounds in about 2 months. I've gained 8 pounds as well.

    I just read that electronic scales don't give accurate readings if they aren't level. If you recall, almost every floor in the old house was on a slant. I suspect the scales were each lying to us, the Wii by about 5-6 pounds and the one upstairs by as much as 10.

    I don't think we've really gained this much weight. I think we're just getting more accurate readings now.

  2. Awww... it's so sweet that Bill commented!
    He is right though, when scales aren't level they will not calculate your weight correctly. If it is an electronic scale, it has that problem... PLUS the battery issue. There are times that you can weigh, and see that you are "on track" then out of nowhere you might way more... or less depending on how well the batter is working that day.
    Have you replaced your batteries in your scale (is it is digital?)
    PS- it is good that Bill commented, it shows that you do have someone right under your own roof that is "listening" to your voice.
    Also, I've let myself go- I hate the facts... but I have. I hope everything begins to turn around for the better!

  3. Ok, so you messed up a bit, but do not be so hard on yourself. Bill is right, these types or scales are not the most accurate and you have been through a major chinage with the moving of a home. Sure, you let old habits back in, and now you're paying the price, but its not quite as bad as you're thinking it is....

    And the silver lining - ANY change you make to your lifestyle that will bring positive change is a good thing, regardless of what the motivating factor is. So more power to you! Be kind to you and keep focusing on the positive changes, not beating yourself up for the whys...

    You're doing great.


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