In my mailbox...

I have a hobby.
I like to sign up for freebies and coupons that come in the mail because it adds some excitement to mail time. I do not sign up for every freebie or coupon that I come across as I feel that is wasteful and I don't need things in my house if I am not going to use them. So I only sign up for ones that I feel would be of use to my family.

It has been a while! I haven't been faithful at posting what I have gotten free in the mail...mainly because we moved and things were crazy! But I am back to doing this and am hoping to do this at least once every two weeks if not every week....

In the last few weeks, here is what I have gotten:

---bacardi t-shirt (this makes a great workout shirt)

---Various magazines
---Prayer Walk book
--Why God Won't Go Away book
---Luvs coupon
---FULL SIZE Downy Unstoppables (from Vocalpoint) (this smells SOOOOO good)

---FULL SIZE box of Kashi pita crisps with coupons
---$5 check for summer fun (won from Wrigleys)
---Coupon for a free small smoothie from McDonalds (from Recyclebank)

---Self magazine
---refund check
---Coke coupon from Recyclebank

---Cheerios sample and coupon

I have also received: coupons for a FREE FULL SIZE pantene product, and  FREE Jif peanut butter from Target.

What have you gotten great in your mailbox recently?


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