5 Question Friday


1. Vow renewal ceremonies-yay or nay?

I would say yay! I believe that there is a time for vow renewal. My parents renewed their vows for their 25th wedding anniversary. However that being said, I do NOT believe that a couple needs to renew their vows every year. That is just overkill for me.

2. What sound/s annoy you the most?

Fingernails on the chalkboard. Enough said.

3. If you had to pick, would you have only all boys, or only all girls for kids?

If I had to pick, I would say that I like a mix. There is an argument for both. In my personal experience, Rebecca has been much easier to raise. She was an easy baby and her demeanor now is easy going. However, Jacob is an adventure. Each day is different and he has an amazing personality. I honestly would not want to have to pick.

4. Do you believe in alternative medicine?

I believe that there is a place for alternative medicine along side traditional medicine. So, yes I believe in alternative medicine.

5. Would you take a family members children and raise them if they needed it?

Without a doubt, that would be a YES. I have given thought to this many times, and my heart and home are open to any child that needs me to raise them.

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