30 Days of Gratitude- Day 18: Creativity

As I shared, for the month of November, I am going to try to post at least 1 thing each day that I am thankful for. I invite each of you to do the same, either on your own blogs or in the comments section. I hope that it will help me to see that I have a lots of things to be thankful for....

DAY 18: 

Today I am thankful for creativity. 

I know so many creative people and they bring such light and brightness into the world. My own sister is going to college to become an art therapist and she is a very talented artist. Many in my family like to draw, color, and create in their own ways. My kids are no exception. Benjamin likes to color. Jacob is always drawing. Rebecca is always creating something or other. Yesterday, she wrote a poem for fun. 
I love the creativity that brings brightness into my world.

If you are joining in with being thankful....what are you thankful for today? 


  1. I always wished that I was a creative person. I'm just not so I will be a little jealous of the lucky and creative people.
    I'm thankful that its not snowing.


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