Trick or treat 2015

Saturday night we did end up going out for trick or treating with the kids. Ben had a slight cough during the day, but energy wise he was fine so we decided to head out....

After Bill came home from work, we loaded up and headed out to the main street in our town. There were a TON of kids and adults out...seems like there were more than in the past. There were actually lines at some houses for candy!

The kids had fun and they saw many of their friends from school. Ben even saw a little girl from his class who came up and gave him a hug!

On a side note, every time I tried to take Benjamin's picture he would stick his tongue out! He is a little stinker! 

As we were winding down, Ben became whiny and he was done. He was tired and cranky and I think he was starting to not feel well. . After we were done, we headed off to get Wendy's for dinner, which has become our post trick or treat tradition.

Once we were home, I checked all the candy and everything seemed fine. (I check every year, but this year there was a confirmed case of someone putting a razor blade in candy in a town that we used to live in; why some people have to be sickos to do something like this....). I lit the kids' jack-o-lanterns for the last time and we just enjoyed the last evening of October as a family, while maybe indulging in some Halloween treats (no I don't know where the kids' Almond Joy candies went! ;) ) .

Did your family go trick-or-treating this weekend? 
What is your favorite kind of candy to get?


  1. Glad everyone felt up t o going out. Since our kids are grown all we do is answer the door and hand out treats, but I love seeing all the neighbor kiddies. When my kids were younger Reese Cups looked "suspicious", so I had to eat some of them just to keep them safe


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