30 Days of Gratitude: Day 28: For my daughter's birthday

As I shared, for the month of November, I am going to try to post at least 1 thing each day that I am thankful for. I invite each of you to do the same, either on your own blogs or in the comments section. I hope that it will help me to see that I have a lots of things to be thankful for....

DAY 28: 

I am thankful everyday that I was blessed with becoming a mother 9 years ago today. At 11:28PM on 11/28/2006 Rebecca was born and I became a mom for the first time. I am so blessed to have 3 wonderful kiddos, but Rebecca has a special place as she is the first.  I can't believe she is 9 years old!

If you are joining in with being thankful....what are you thankful for today? 


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