Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story



From New York Times bestselling author Sally Lloyd-Jones, Song of the Stars Christmas picture book is now available in the popular board book format.

This board book edition of Song of the Stars, written by New York Times bestselling author Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Alison Jay, is a Christmas book that explores the joy and celebration in all of creation at the coming of Jesus.

They’ve been waiting with eager longing for the coming of God’s promised Son, and when at last he arrives, the whole earth holds its breath: their Creator, Jesus, Emmanuel has come to the world that he made. Trees, seas, skies, stars, animals—they all spread the news that at last the time has come. It’s time! He’s here!


I love being able to add new Christmas books to our rotation. I try to add at least one new one every year, so I was pleased to be able to review Song of the Stars by Sally Lloyd- Jones. This is a beautifully written and illustrated children's book that tells the Christmas story from a unique and new perspective-- the perspective of the animals and flowers and the things in nature. So many Christmas stories that retell the story of the birth of Jesus, tell the story from the point of view from a human, almost forgetting that the world does not revolve around humans. Song of the Stars tells the story of how the woodland creatures, the little flowers, the tiny sandpipers, the blades of grass, the lion, and the Angels (all over the world) shouted "It's time!" to announce the birth of Jesus and were ALL part of the miracle that is the Christmas story. Personally, I LOVE the perspective that this book takes and I think it is a beautifully written take on the Christmas story.

This is a board book and has the age range of it to be between 4-7 years old. I have a 3 year old, a 6 year old and a soon to be 9 year old. Yes, this is a board book, which means it is made of sturdy material so that younger children can't really tear it up easily. The illustrations are great for the younger crowd as they can point out animals, etc while you are reading. The text on the pages is longer than most board books but are perfect for older children to read to their younger siblings. In fact, my 6 year old and my 9 year old were able to read it to their little brother with no issues. All 3 of my children enjoyed this book very much.

Overall, I, as well as my children, fell in love with this book. It is a welcome addition to our Christmas library and should be added to yours as well! 

The publisher, Zondervan, provided me a free copy of this book through Booklook Bloggers program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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