30 Days of Gratitude-- Day 2--thankful for AAA and beautiful fall weather

As I shared yesterday, for the month of November, I am going to try to post at least 1 thing each day that I am thankful for. I invite each of you to do the same, either on your own blogs or in the comments section. I hope that it will help me to see that I have a lots of things to be thankful for....

DAY 2: 
On this second day of November, I am thankful for AAA, a helpful husband and beautiful fall weather. 
This morning, I got all the kids in the van to take the older 2 to school and then to head to Kroger to grocery shop. Well, when I got in and turned the key....nothing happened! Tried again...NOTHING! Told the kids, everyone out and we ran/walked to school and they got there on time! Whew! (Typically, I drive the kids to school on Monday as Benjamin doesn't have school and it is easier to not have him have a meltdown because he can't stay and play). After we got home, I called AAA (a non-negotiable expense given how much my hubby drives all over the county for his job) and they were able to jump it to start. The guy said that it looked like our battery cables were going bad and we might need to replace our battery sooner rather than later. When Bill came home, he took it to Autozone and got a new battery....So I am thankful for a useful husband who helps when things go wrong! And during all of this, the weather today has been beautiful! It was in the 50s as I was walking the kids to school and the sun has been out and it is now around 70 degrees! So thankful for a beautiful day!

If you are joining in....what are you thankful for? 


  1. Whenever we have a car go down, I get a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Den is a car guy but still it normally is an arm and a leg. You are blessed to have a wonderful husband!!!

    1. Believe me I had my moments yesterday...the woe is us, etc. and the sinking feeling. So grateful it was just a battery this time. And yes I do have a wonderful husband who helped me see that in the grand scheme of things it wasn't that bad.


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