Heroines of the Old Testament Coloring Book



Let your heart be encouraged and your creative passions engaged as you color the lives of ten remarkable women from the Old Testament. Each unique section lets you reflect upon their Biblical stories through illustrations that are both symbolic and ornate. From Eve, the mother of mankind, enveloped in the flora of Eden, to the opulent world of Queen Esther's Persian Empire, these artistic designs enable endless hours of creative coloring enjoyment and peaceful contemplation. Inspire your soul by exploring the miraculous journeys of these heroines of faith and those of Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Miriam, Rahab, Deborah, Ruth, and Hannah.

  • Geometric patterns
  • Portraits
  • Botanical designs
  • Narrative scenes
  • Artist tips, and more!

One of the things that I have been trying to do is build in more relaxation times for myself. I have found that by looking back over my childhood, I wanted to look at the hobbies that brought me pleasure. One of those hobbies was reading, so I am trying to do more reading for fun in my life. Another hobby that brought me pleasure was coloring. Growing up, I could sit and color for hours on end. I was pleasantly surprised to find that many coloring book publishers are now publishing coloring books for adults, with more complex patterns and themes. Many of these books are meant to help with getting the adult to relax and be less stressed.

I was happy to be asked to review a new coloring book, Heroines of the Old Testament by Betsy Karounos. I have been coloring on Friday nights, while the kids are watching their weekly movie. I have taken to coloring on Sundays when I am trying to relax and the kids are playing and my husband is watching the NFL. I love the format of Heroines of the Old Testament, as it leads the reader through the story of Eve to Esther. The designs and outlines are beautiful and just aching for someone to color them.

I have only colored a couple of the pictures and I will say that I am unconventional in that sometimes I prefer to color with markers over colored pencils. I am pleased that the paper quality in this book is great. The paper is a nice quality, so the markers don't bleed through to the other side, like ordinary coloring book pages. And I will say that this coloring book has re-ignited my love of coloring that I had when I was a child, and it is helping me to relax!

If you are looking to get into the art of coloring, I would highly recommend you start with Heroines of the Old Testament by Betsy Karounos.  

DISCLAIMER: I was sent a copy of this book by Hachette Book Group in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.  


  1. I have a "Secret Garden" colouring book that I just love! Now, if only I had the time to colour...!


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