Monday, January 15, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday (1/15/2018)

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Here we were dealing with Winter Storm Hunter on Friday night and Saturday morning, which brought with it negative wind chills once again. So we stayed in and just puttered around the house. Honestly the only thing I did that was productive on Saturday was one load of laundry and I made meals. Other than that I read a book off and on all day and just laid around and just relaxed. It has been a really long time since I have done that and it was much needed. 

Yesterday, I took Rebecca to PSR and church and then came home and did some laundry. Bill and I also took the kids out to play in the snow. I tried not to do too much worrying and just tried to embrace and enjoy the moments. 

Now here we are back to Monday. I am once again participating in the Happy Homemaker Monday theme hosted by the lovely Sandra over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

So with that being said, let's get to it: 

The Weather::: All I can say for the weather is cold, snow, cold, snow, etc. Last week we had 2 days where the weather was in the upper 50s. All the snow melted. Then on Friday the rain turned to ice and then to 3-5 inches of snow and cold. And it has been cold ever since with windchills in the singles digits or negatives. :(

This isn't snow; this is ice that we got on Friday afternoon.

The ice then got covered by 4 inches of the white stuff. 

 Right now it is snowing off and on (I think we got about an inch overnight) but the sun keeps trying to peek out. This week the temperatures are supposed to be in the 20s with real feel temps in the low teens and single digits. It is just COLD. I had told Bill back in November that I thought we were in for a cold, snowy winter and it looks like I was right. :( 

Right now I am::: sitting here at the dining room table typing this up, having just finished breakfast. I am listening to the TV (the kids are watching "SpongeBob") and to the cats as they chase one of their sparkly balls around. 

Thinking::: I am thinking about what I need to get done today. I am waiting on Bill to get home as he is at work.  

On my reading pile:::

On my TV::: The Crown, Apollo 13 on Netflix (my all time favorite movie!), NFL playoffs

Favorite Blog post this week (mine or other)::: I'm always on the lookout for new recipes and The Best Blog Recipes site has a great collection which many recipe links that I want to try in the future.

On the menu for this week:::

- Italian Sausage Rigatoni (a new to me recipe) and salad
Tuesday - Taco boats, corn
Wednesday - Macaroni and cheese, peas, salad
Thursday - Chicken and dumplings over mashed potatoes
Friday - Pizza rolls and fruit
Saturday - BBQ pork sandwiches, green beans, corn
Sunday -
Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic rolls

On my to do list:::
For today: laundry, Ben to speech, all 3 kids have basketball practice, plan tutoring for Tuesday and Wednesday, clean bathrooms, laundry
Tuesday: Kids to school, Babysit A, tutor N, housework, Rebecca has an AHG meeting
Wednesday: Kids to school, grocery store, walk, tutor I, S, and N, trash and recycling out
Thursday: Kids to school, babysit A, Battle of the books meeting with team
Friday: Babysit A, walk? 
Saturday: basketball games for all 3

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::

I have been trying new recipes in the kitchen.
Looking around the house:::

House doesn't look too bad. Jacob has some toys on the table. There are a couple toys on the floor in the living room. Kitchen has a few dishes out from breakfast

From the camera:::
Some photos from our time playing outside yesterday

On my prayer list:::
My hubby as he searches for a new job. My sister as she begins her last semester as an undergrad college student. 

Bible verse, Devotional:::

Here's to a great Monday and good start to everyone's week! 


  1. Enjoyed reading your post. We're getting the cold and snow here, too, at the moment. Ohmygoodness! Love the picture of the snow angels! Now I want to go out and make one!!! LOL! Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed week ahead! <3

    1. Thanks. I hope you have a great week as well too!

  2. We need a bit more snow before I think I want to go outside and play in it, I think. Have you tried freezing bubbles with your kids? It's kind of fun but you do have to be a bit patient (an activity for the super cold days). Love your quote for this week. Hope you have a warm and happy week ahead!

    1. I haven't tried freezing bubbles yet, but I will keep that in mind if we have some more sub zero windchill temperatures.

  3. Sooo cold here, too!
    I enjoyed visiting you here today.
    Your menu looks delicious!
    I need to get back to making mine. : )
    Have a cozy evening!

    1. Menu planning really helps especially with my work schedule so that my dear hubby knows what we are having and can make dinner when/if I am not home.

  4. Love your snow pictures and your menu looks delicious! I'm heading over to check out the blog recipes. Have a Blessed week.


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