Saturday, January 6, 2018

It's been an expensive week

It has been a very expensive week here at our house. Like I mentioned before New Years, our dryer quit working and Bill's van's windshield wipers stopped working again (a week after we had them fixed.)

Well, the good news is that everything is fixed. The bad part is that it was very expensive to fix. 

First let's start with the dryer. Apparently the thermostat went out, which caused the heating element to not be able to control the temperature. Basically that then fried the heating element. So total damage was...$217. Uggh. Cheaper than buying a new dryer I guess. 

Then the van...turns out the motor of the windshield wipers were running hot (they were going back) and melting a part around the screw holding it into place and thus making it come loose. I think that is what they said...all I know is $270 later, the van is fixed. I am just glad to have it back.

So it has been an expensive, COLD week! Did I mention that wind chills yesterday morning was -23 when I got up? Of course with wind chills like that the kids didn't have school. So that means our furnace hasn't stopped running, which means our new bill will be expensive. 

Oh well, I guess that is life. LOL Today will be spent doing laundry and drying it and getting some cleaning done around the house. I was hoping to get a walk in, but it is freezing again today with a wind chill advisory until noon. Brrr. 

Well, I am off to do more laundry. Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday! 


  1. That damn Murphy! I didn't want him to spend time at YOUR house too! Glad to hear that everything is fixed now at least! I think there are a BUNCH of us worrying about the heating bill - it's so frigid!
    Stay warm! =)

  2. Yikes! Glad it was all fixable at least. We're supposed to get warmer weather here tomorrow afternoon and through next week. Hopefully, it will be on the way to you as well.

    1. Hopefully, supposed to be in the 20s tomorrow so that will feel like a heat wave! LOL

  3. Murphy always comes a couple at a time, here's hoping you have no more unexpected expenses this month!

  4. Well that stinks. I hate those kinds of weeks. Ironically, while I was reading about your wind chill temps, one of the ads on your sidebar started showing me bathing suits. Ha!


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