Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jacob's First Reconcilation

One of the things that has been keeping us busy is getting Jacob ready for his First Reconciliation at our church. We had to work through a workbook with him and help him with his examination of conscience. All that work paid off as he had his First Reconciliation on Tuesday night. 

He was very nervous beforehand, although he did give me a smile for my camera beforehand. Bill took him as I was behind on getting stuff done at home. 

When Jacob came home, he had a bigger smile and was talkative and said he felt much better. He said that he went to the main priest in our parish and that he did his confession face to face, and that it was only a little scary. Then he wanted to know if someday if I could make the punch that they served at the reception because it was very good (Bill said it was 7up and orange sherbet).   

Now the next step for him is to continue learning in his PSR class and moving toward receiving his First Communion which is scheduled for May. He is growing up both physically, mentally, and in his Catholic faith. 


  1. Tell Jacob I am still nervous before confession and I do face to face also. The punch sounds delicious.

  2. Congratulations to your son!!!
    What a wonderful time in his life!!!

  3. I am not Catholic and not familiar with thay. I am with him on the punch.

    1. Reconciliation is also called penance. It is a Sacrament where you go before a priest and confess your sins and ask for absolution. The priest blesses you, forgives your sins and then gives you a penance to do when you leave to show that you are truly sorry. Sometimes it can be as simple as saying an "Our Father" prayer or a "Hail Mary" prayer. In our Catholic church, students in 2nd grade receive their first Reconciliation in the winter leading up to them receiving their First Communion in the Spring. When I was a child, we did First Communion in 2nd grade and then Reconciliation in 4th grade.


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