Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Upward Basketball and a black eye

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone is having a good day so far. Today I need to work on laundry, but first I thought I would share what I spent all day Saturday doing. 

I spent my day watching Benjamin, Jacob and Rebecca play in their first basketball games for the 2018 Upward season. They were actually supposed to play last week, but the snow and ice caused the games to be cancelled. Thankfully, the weather was perfect on Saturday.

Ben's game was up first.  Ben is playing for the Panthers.

Only 4 of the 5 players showed up, so they played 4 on 4. Really if you are in a bad mood, just watch Kindergarteners play a sport. It is hilarious and so much fun to watch. 

Ben had a blast! It was also Bill's first time coaching and I think he did a great job as well. 

Then we had a short break before we had to be back at the gym for Jacob's game. We headed to a nearby Tim Horton's and got the kids a donut as a treat. Then it was time to head back to the gym for Jacob's game. Jacob is playing for the Warriors. 

This was Jacob's first time playing as well. He loved it. 

After Jacob's game we headed home for lunch. Then we had to head back to the gym for Rebecca's game. She is playing for the Polar Bears. There was a bit of controversy as the team they played were all great players and they beat Rebecca's team 74 to 4. This league is supposed to be equally competitive but there is no way that the team Rebecca's team was playing was equally competitive with Rebecca's team. (They do evaluations before the season to place the girls on teams). Also this other team is coached by a high school coach, while 4 out of the 6 girls on Rebecca's team have never played before and the other 2 (including Rebecca) have only played one year. Bill expressed his concerns to the refs after the game and the refs who were officiating the game did say that there was a definite imbalance. I know you have that everywhere, but it is a shame when they say they are trying to make things equal.

I will say this that Rebecca said she had fun. She has definitely improved from last year, as she was aggressive going after rebounds and even got to attempt 2 shots. I hope that continues.

Speaking of Rebecca, she is sporting  new black eye courtesy of basketball.

Last night during her practice, they were practicing defense and she and another girl were getting aggressive and they slammed heads into each other and Rebecca's glasses were pushed into under her eye. It immediately swelled up, so we iced it. Who knew that basketball was a contact sport?

The kids are loving playing basketball and that is what is important! So if you are looking for me on Saturdays for the next 2 months, I will be at the gym watching my favorite basketball players in the world!  


  1. Sorry about your daughter's eye. Basketball can be a rough sport. Hope they don't have to face the other team again and the rest of the games will be more balanced. My boys did Upward basketball and we always enjoyed it as well. Good activity for the blah winter months.

    1. They do have to at least one more time. I think it is 2 more times though as there are only 4 teams for the 4-6 grade girls. This is the first time I have had a problem with Upward. It is good for these months. :)

  2. They all look so cute in the pictures, and you're right about watching a group of kindergarten kids play. Son3 played Upward for several years and had a ball. When he played there was no score keeping. The kids themselves usually knew what it was but officially neither team won or lost.
    So sorry about Rebecca's eye. My sons played every sport at one time or another. Amazingly wrestling ( absolutely the most contact) was the one sport they were injured least in. We had to take them for medical care for every non contact sport they played. (One even got beaned by an errant golf club and needed stitches. Who gets hurt playing golf?)

    1. There is still no score keeping, but Jacob kept score throughout the game, (he also kept score during Ben's game). It is one of the signs of his Asperger's that he has to keep score of sporting events.

      My husband read your comment and laughed and said a friend of his played football for 2 years in high school and kept getting hurt, so his junior year he tried golf. The first practice he got hit by an errant golf club and it broke his nose and gave him a black eye. So I don't think any sport is really safe. LOL


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